Dozens evacuated after gas leak at motel

Published: Sep. 6, 2016 at 7:16 AM MDT
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More than 60 guests had to evacuate from their motel rooms late Monday night due to a gas leak.

"Colorado Springs Utilities had reports of a gas odor in the area," Colorado Springs Fire Department Lt. Fred Varnell told 11 News. "When they arrived, they found extremely high readings of natural gas in the area."

Utilities crews then called the fire department, who in turn called their HAZMAT team to the Spruce Lodge, located on North Nevada.

"We immediately evacuated the units that were involved, which came out to 24 to 25 units," Varnell said. "So we have a lot of people displaced at this time."

Springs Utilities shut the gas supply off to the building to stop the leak. Varnell said the fire department then used fans to get the gas out of the motel.

"We've got fans set up strategically around the hotel, around the lodge, and that is blowing out all the residual gas that is there," Varnell told 11 News while crews were still on scene.

No one was injured. Guests were allowed back into their rooms early Tuesday morning, after crews successfully got the gas readings down,