CALL FOR ACTION: Dozens called to report reckless driver before he killed local principal

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - Good Samaritans want to know why Robert Ours was not stopped by law enforcement when more than two dozen people called in to report him driving recklessly over the course of two days before the crash that killed him and an innocent driver, Diane Garduno.

Garduno died at the scene of the crash November 21, 2017. Robert Ours was taken to the hospital where he also succumbed to his injuries.

Garduno was a mother and the Junior High School Principal in Ellicott, east of Colorado Springs. The crash happened on Bradley Road near Marksheffel Boulevard on the southeast side of Colorado Springs. State troopers say Ours was going nearly 140 mph when he hit Garduno head-on.

Concerned and terrified drivers began calling 911 to report Ours' reckless driving the day before on November 20th. The calls kept coming that night and then started up again the next morning around 7. They continued until the crash happened just after 11 a.m.

Drivers reported Ours was speeding, weaving in and out of traffic, passing on the shoulder and cutting people off, both on and off the interstate and throughout Colorado Springs.

According to the official crash report obtained by 11 News, Ours was contacted by law enforcement during all of this. On the morning of the crash, his car overheated. While he was parked on the shoulder of the road near Fountain, a state trooper stopped to see if he needed help.

When the trooper ran Ours' driver license, he discovered it was revoked. Ours could have been arrested right there, but instead, the trooper wrote him a summons to appear in court, and let him go with the promise that he would have someone come pick him up and drive him home.

Instead, Ours got back behind the wheel and kept driving around the city. Records show that less than an hour after that trooper gave Ours the summons, the reports of Ours' reckless driving and license plate began again.

Sergeant Rob Madden with the Colorado State Patrol said troopers were on the lookout for Ours, but he was not stopped before the crash.

The trooper who wrote Ours the summons said that when he called in Ours' license plate to dispatch, they did not notify him that people had been calling in Ours' plates.

Madden says it is extremely difficult to catch up with and track down reckless drivers when they are reported. The crash report confirms there was a trooper on the way to Ours' address based off of his license plate when the crash happened.

Madden says the crash was a tragedy, but one caused by Ours' actions, not a failure of the system.

Our news partners at The Gazette have an interactive map that shows Ours' path in the hours leading up to the crash. Click here to view that map.