Dozens arrested for IRS scam calls

courtesy: MGN Online

There is a breakthrough in the search for the scammers responsible for the fake IRS scam calls that have been received across the country.

Exactly 61 people and entities have been indicted, including 20 people in the United States, 32 people in India and five call centers in India as well.

Federal investigators say the three-year long investigation was carried out between federal, state and local agencies.

Investigators with the Department of Homeland Security referred to the situation as a "sophisticated fraudulent scheme organized by conspirators in India."

Authorities said the scammers used data brokers and other sources to get the personal information that the scammers would use to convince people to give up money.

If the victims agreed to pay, the call centers allegedly worked with partners in the United States who would send the money back to India as quickly as possible.

Investigators said the scammers were able to take $12,300 from an 85-year-old woman in California.

Authorities with Homeland Security also mentioned a Colorado Springs case that only 11 News reported when it happened back in February.

"They kept telling me if I didn't pay the money, they were going to come arrest me, that police officers were going to come arrest me within 15 minutes and take me away to jail for three to five years," said James Davis.

He received one of those IRS scam calls earlier this year but did not fall for it. So, the scammer called Colorado Springs police.

"The scammers called 911 posing as the victim and telling the dispatcher he was armed and wanted to kill cops. Within minutes, more than a dozen heavily armed police officers surrounded the victim's residence where his daughter was home alone," said Assistant Director of Homeland Security Investigations, Bruce Fourcart.

"It was terrifying. There were guys with shields and guns," said Amber Davis back in February.

The suspects are facing several charges including conspiracy to commit identity theft, false personation, wire fraud and money laundering.