Douglas Bruce complaint about missing-person alerts prompts 'nasty' email from Colorado Springs police chief

 Photos: The Gazette
Photos: The Gazette (KKTV)
Published: Jul. 4, 2017 at 7:18 AM MDT
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When high-profile anti-tax advocate Douglas Bruce complained that he was awakened by police notifications about a missing teenager, Colorado Springs Police Chief Pete Carey did not hold back in his Sunday morning email response.

"I regret that the phone notifications took you from your beauty rest. In truth, the beauty rest ain't working anyway," Carey wrote.

Bruce had asked the chief by email to stop city calls to him unless they relate to "specific crimes against me and my property." He wrote that he was awakened about 10:30 p.m. Saturday by a call about a missing at-risk teenager in the Laredo Ridge Drive area, "wherever that is," and again shortly before midnight with news that the girl had been found.

"TRY to exercise some judgment and common sense about the timing of random calls to citizens," Bruce wrote. "This CSPD practice must be stopped."

Carey replied to Bruce that his "complete lack of care, concern and compassion for anyone but yourself fits perfectly with your obnoxious and bullying personality."

The teen was found "due partly to the advisories that went out," Carey wrote.

Bruce one day might be the missing person for whom public help is sought, the chief wrote. "Perhaps not, as that would actually require someone to miss you enough to make an initial report," he added.

Carey told Bruce he would look into removing him from notifications "for anything but your sole, personal welfare, if you promise to remove my e-mail address from any more boorish correspondence you choose to send."

"Sometimes less really is more," Carey concluded.

Monday, Bruce said he was "shocked" by the unprofessional message, which he forwarded to Mayor John Suthers, City Council members and the media, sarcastically suggesting Carey be made head of public relations.