Donald Trump rescued from elevator before rally

Published: Jul. 30, 2016 at 2:54 PM MDT
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Firefighters rescued Donald Trump from an elevator at the Mining Exchange hotel Friday just before he was expected to speak at a rally at UCCS.

Trump was expected to speak at 2 p.m., but the crowd was kept waiting for more than 45 minutes. This mishap explains the delay.

Firefighters responded to a call around 1:30 p.m. that 10 people were trapped inside an elevator.

“I get a call saying Mr. Trump was stuck in the elevator at the Mining Exchange,” said Mining Exchange Hotel co-owner Perry R. Sanders.

The elevator was stuck between the first and second floors.

“Of course I said 'You're kidding.' The elevators are monitored 24 great,” Sanders said.

Crews opened the top hatch and lowered a ladder into the elevator. Everyone inside, including the Republican presidential candidate, had to climb out.

“I will note I don't think that Mr. Trump, interestingly enough, did anything out of the ordinary other than potentially lash out at the fire department -- which seemed a little peculiar -- but he did not come out of that in any sort of bad spirits as best I can tell,” Sanders said.

No injuries were reported. The elevator was placed out-of-service.

“It was quite interesting, the whole deal...but I think it was a bit of a test. If anybody that's in the high position ends up in a situation and has to come out of it and deal with complicated things, I think it's some sort of tribute to them that they can do that,” Sanders said.

Sanders explained to 11 News the hotel was not controlling the elevator Trump's group was using. Sanders went onto say there was no issue to address with that elevator; it was functioning properly and is still now.

“The parties that lease the hotel also wanted to control of the elevators, and I assume that happens when you get to a certain level of security, and so they were given a key to actually control the elevators...the elevator apparently in the course of being controlled by somebody other than in the course of the normal operations, the elevator stopped and consequently Mr. Trump was, I understand, rescued by the fire department from that within a matter of five minutes or less,” Sanders said.

During Trump's town hall, he repeatedly called out the fire marshal for not letting more people into the auditorium.

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