Dog hailed a hero in Puerto Rico recovery efforts

HUMACO, Puerto Rico (KKTV) - A small pup is being hailed a hero for leading a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) employee to her owner in Puerto Rico during recovery efforts.

“The dog was wearing a sweater, and we were curious as to why a dog would be wearing a sweater alone in this area,” USFWS employee James Casey recalled. “The dog kept going up and down the hill.”

Casey was conducting a security assessment of a closed hospital in Humaco when he noticed Agua the dog. Casey, from Texas, was with 30 Interior Department responders on a mission for the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Casey and the rest of the team followed Agua. When they got to the bottom of a hill, they found a woman, the dog's owner. She had been trapped under a scooter for more than an hour. While trying to get to the hospital, the woman had lost control of her scooter, and it rolled on top of her.

“This area was abandoned, littered with debris, and if it wasn't for this little dog, it would have been likely she would not have been found and possibly perished as she has prior medical issues,” said Casey. “We all voted ‘Agua’ the dog the hero of our mission for saving her owner's life.”

Agua's owner received medical treatment and the pair were reunited soon after. If not for Agua, her owner may have never been found in time!