Dog bites against letter carriers down in Colorado Springs

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - Each day, our letter carriers get the job done by putting themselves at risk walking up to homes.

Now, some good news about the number of bites they've had in Colorado Springs.

The number of dog bites is down from last year for mail carriers. It's dropped from 14 bites in 2017 to 10 last year. the postal service is hoping 2019 year will have even fewer.

Paula Harriman, a letter carrier, said she has never been bitten, but several of her co-workers have.

She says another carrier was hospitalized because of a dog attack a couple of weeks back.

She told 11 News it's important that she stays alert and that dog owners stay alert, for everyone's safety.

"You know, if their hair is standing up on their back, you probably don't want to approach that dog," Harriman said.

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