District 38 School Board says "No" to new sex ed law in Colorado

MONUMENT, Colo. (KKTV) D38 in Monument has taken a stand against a new sex ed law, and board members are saying their resolution passed on Monday night should speak for itself.

Ilmicrofono Oggiono / CC BY 2.0

The focus of the document says Denver legislators should not be able to control what local educators teach, or do not teach in their classrooms.

The new law, HB19-1032 adds on to a previous sexual education law passed in the state in 2013. Lawmakers tell 11 News this allows for the addition of conversations about consent and reinforces a teachers requirement to address LGBTQ students with options, instead of glazing over information for them.

It is also designed to stop schools from contracting to outside programs for sexual education in an effort to skirt the rules about teaching abstinence-only programs, among other additional changes.

One of the co-lawmakers says they have no plans at the moment for legal action but is talking with the legal team about their options.