Promoter apologizes for Billy Ray Cyrus concert in Colorado Springs, representative for Billy Ray Cyrus provides statement

Published: Jul. 12, 2019 at 9:51 PM MDT
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A July 5 concert starring Billy Ray Cyrus and capped off with fireworks ended without the title artist taking the stage thanks to a massive rainstorm.

Now frustrated fans are asking what happens next after paying hundreds of dollars to see the country star, and coming up short.

“We figured it would be delayed, postponed or something," Jessica Leon admitted. "But you know, we didn’t figure it would just be canceled and nothing would happen. “

Jon Eddy of Jon Eddy Productions was the man putting the show on. He told 11 News in an email why refunds for the tickets would not be provided.

"The event did, in fact happen." Eddy wrote. "Three of the four bands played their full sets (nearly four hours of live music) and the fireworks were shot. All catering was delivered and every element was executed aside Billy Ray's performance."

Eddy has expressed his own disappointment in the show, calling it a nightmare. He said he has lost thousands of dollars in the deal, and is now trying to make good with his customers after Billy Ray Cyrus never showed.

That's why he's offering free tickets to one of three other shows his production company is putting on. You can find that

But for the Leon's, that solution is anything but.

"I want a chance for her to live her dream," David Leon said, speaking about his wife."Or I want my money back at least.”

Eddy says he is happy to speak with any customers still frustrated.

11 News reached out to Scott Adkins, a representative for Billy Ray Cyrus, for comment. Adkins sent the following statement to 11 News:

"The safety and security of all guests is the most important priority for Billy Ray Cyrus. Due to inclement weather conditions and the safety of all fans, staff and personnel on site during the July 5th scheduled performance in Colorado Springs, festival organizers canceled Cyrus' appearance. Local authorities alerted there was lightning in a 4-mile radius of the event and advised against moving forward with the show. In addition, Cyrus and his crew waited on site until informed by the promoter the show would not happen. As the National Weather Service reported, a massive thunderstorm moved into the area shortly before Cyrus' scheduled appearance. A thunderstorm of that magnitude isn't just unfavorable for guests, it is dangerous for a multitude of reasons. As with all events and festivals, the promoter is responsible for refunds."