Deputy wounded in deadly Springs shooting returns to work in part to honor fallen officer

Published: Nov. 23, 2018 at 8:40 PM MST
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He risked his life to protect all of us and he almost lost his life when an arrest turned into a shootout. Now El Paso County Deputy Scott Stone is back at work months after he was shot.

Deputy Micah Flick was killed in that same shooting. It's a day El Paso County Deputy Scott Stone will never forget. He carries a reminder of that day inside of him.

"The bullet is actually right about here, this area," Stone explained as he motioned to his own body.

Stone was part of a stolen car task force. The team tracked down a suspected car thief and was getting ready to arrest him when the suspect opened fire.

The haunting dispatch recordings from that day are a reminder of how quickly the arrest went south.

"21 we've got three officers that have been shot. I copy three officers shot."

Stone, his fellow Deputy Micah Flick and two other CSPD officers were shot. Flick was killed.

"I owe it not only to Micah but to his family to keep going and to strive that much harder," Stone stated. "I'm not fighting just for myself and my family anymore I'm fighting for his memory."

That's a big part of why he's back at work nine months after the shooting. He is doing desk duty because he has limited mobility in one leg. It will be years before he can get back out on patrol.

"I need to do this to honor him and honor what he gave me," Stone said, referring to Flick. "He sacrificed himself to save me and I owe it to him."

Stone may never forget that day, but it's a reminder to look ahead to tomorrow. Deputy stone has a 3-year-old son, and his wife learned she was pregnant just a couple of weeks after the shooting.

Their baby was born last month.

"The biggest thing it has done for me is give me a different outlook on life and enjoy the little moments in life," Stone said. "You can't take those for granted."

Stone screens applicants who apply to the sheriff's office but will soon be joining the investigations detectives bureau.