Active shooting suspect kicked off bus before incident, say Denver police

Photo: CBS Denver
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DENVER (KKTV) - An active shooter situation near a Denver TV station Monday morning ended with the suspect shot dead by police.

"I want to thank the brave officers that engaged this armed suspect and resolved this situation," Denver Police Chief Paul Pazen following the confrontation between his officers and the suspect.

Police said the incident started during rush hour when the man smashed the windshield of a public bus and was kicked off. Witnesses said he then started shooting his gun in the air and harassing drivers in the Capitol Hill area of Denver as he made his way down Lincoln.

At one point, he passed by the building that houses 11 News' sister station CBS 4.

"Thankfully, we had many of our citizens and community members that called and let us know what was going on. Officers were able to get on scene very quickly," Pazen said.

When the suspect realized officers were following him, he aimed his gun in their direction. An officer fired his weapon three times, killing the man.

The incident remains under investigation. Police say it is unclear if the man was mentally ill.

The suspect and officer have not been identified, though the police department would confirm the officer was an 18-year veteran.