Denver mayor vetoes pit bull ordinance, pit bulls remain banned in Denver

Published: Feb. 10, 2020 at 10:41 PM MST
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UPDATE 2/14/20:

Denver's mayor decided to keep the pit bull ban in place for his city.

Mayor Michael Hancock made the announcement via Twitter on Friday.

"I have heard from thousands of residents passionately expressing their opinions on both sides of this issue," Mayor Hancock wrote. "After deep reflection and consideration, I find that I cannot, in good conscience, support this legislation and will exercise my authority as Mayor to veto it."

This comes days after the city council voted in favor of the legislation that would have lifted a 30-year ban on the breed with restrictions. You can read the letter from the mayor below:


The pit bull ban in Denver was repealed Monday night.

Denver City Council voted 7-4 on the amendment, lifting a 30-year ban on the breed. The new ordinance still has to be signed into law by the mayor.

Under the new law, there would still be a few restrictions on pit bulls.

To own a pit bull in Denver, a license applicant requires:

1. Name/address where the dog will live

2. Two emergency contacts

3. Accurate description of the pit bull

4. Annual fee

5. Proof the animal was microchipped, received current rabies vaccination, and spayed or neutered.

Other conditions of ownership:

1. Maximum of two per household

2. Must notify DAP within eight hours if the dog escapes or bites

3. Must notify DAP within 24 hours if the dog dies or the owner moves.

Read more on the requirements below (click "Additional Content Available" if viewing on the app):