UPDATE: Happy ending for deer with wire wrapped around chest

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PALMER LAKE, Colo. (KKTV) - A deer that got tangled up in a wire has a happy ending thanks to a man who wouldn't give up on getting it help.

The deer was first spotted a few days ago with a wire wrapped around its upper torso. Jade Skaggs, who alerted Colorado Parks and Wildlife, confirmed the wiring was removed Monday morning after the deer revisited his yard. (Photo: Jade Skaggs)

Jade Skaggs noticed the deer in Palmer Lake a few days ago.

"We have a group of deer that comes around all the time ... I noticed that one of them had a ring around its torso where the fur had been worn down. I got a closer look at him, and it looked like there was a wire wrapped around his chest."

Skaggs was concerned for the deer's well-being and called Colorado Parks and Wildlife. Wildlife officers told him to keep an eye out for the deer, because if they couldn't find it, there wasn't much more they could do.

"They said they probably wouldn’t be able to find it. They said just keep an eye out basically, and if we see it, give them a call right away, and they will send someone out to try and locate the deer and see if they can help him," Skaggs told 11 News reporter Catherine Silver.

Monday morning, the deer re-emerged.

"I have some great news!!" Skaggs wrote to Silver Monday morning. "The deer showed up in my yard today and I called CPW. They came out, tranquilized the deer and cut off what appeared to be the top ring of a tomato cage. ... He is up and walking around again, though a little drowsy still."

Colorado Parks and Wildlife recently asked the public to be more aware of things in their yards that could pose hazards to wildlife, such as certain kinds of fencing, sports nets and decorations. The warning came after a bobcat was caught in a soccer net last week.

The bobcat was able to free itself, but CPW says some animals aren't as lucky.