Deer with hammock caught in its antlers 'not in danger' according to Parks and Wildlife

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) After several worried neighbors reached out concerned with a buck with a hammock caught it its antlers, wildlife officers are explaining why they are not planning to do anything about it.

"There is nothing wrapped around its mouth, he can feed, he can drink water, there is nothing wrapped around his neck,” Corey Adler, district wildlife manager with CPW explained.

KKTV 11 News posted a story yesterday about this exact situation.

"I felt so sorry for him,” Helen Sidon, a worried neighbor told us.
She has seen this same deer in her back yard for years, but never caught up in a mess like this.

"Right now he looks pretty stressed out to me!”

Wildlife officers say while it is not ideal, the options to free the deer would put it in more danger than if they just wait for the antlers to fall off in the springs, or hope the hammock falls off.

"We can either use our Taser and tase the deer for 30 seconds, maybe longer and somebody goes in and clips off whatever is stuck in their antlers," Adler said.

"The next way is if we would have to tranquilize the animal, (that) is not always the best thing, It is a risk. You are putting an animal down and putting a drug into them."

Viewers have messaged our reporter saying people in the neighborhood are thinking about taking care of the problem themselves, but officers strongly advise against that.

“At this time it is getting close to their mating season and they like to show dominance," which could make them attack anyone trying to help get the antlers clear.

Officers show while they do not believe the animal to be in danger right now, if it gets stuck on something or things get worse, they could change their mind.