Convicted murderer asking for sentence to be reconsidered

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) A man convicted of a gruesome murder of a young couple wants his prison sentence reduced.

The now 24-year old Macyo January was just under 18-years old when he shot and killed Staff Sargent David Dunlap and Dunlap's pregnant wife Whitney Butler.

The murder happened inside the couple's home in Colorado Springs back in 2013.

In court documents, January's defense attorney said because January was a juvenile at the time, he should be eligible for parole.

"It's about the most soul crushing experience I think a parent can have," said Marie Butler, "I can't walk through the children's section in department stores. I just keep looking at the cute things I know we would have been buying and sending and enjoying."

Back in 2013, the couple came home to check on their security alarm that was going off. Prosecutors say January was inside try to steal things.

"He shot David Dunlap in the neck, and Whitney came home a little bit later and then he shot her point blank range behind her ear," said Chief Deputy District Attorney Jeff Lindsey.

January was convicted and ordered to serve two life sentences, one for each life he took.

In a new motion obtained by 11 News, January's attorney says since his client was under 18-years old when it happened, state law requires any juvenile to be eligible for parole after serving 40 years after one life sentence.

"But since there's two life sentences it would be 40 plus 40 and the additional crime of violence, First Degree Burglary, stacked on top of that consecutive, would have been about 116 years," said Lindsey.

January's motion asks a judge to let him serve the two sentences at the same time, instead of one after another as currently ordered.

January wrote a letter to the judge saying in part, "The pain I feel for their losses is substantial," and "I'm no where near the man I was at 17 but nor will I be the same man at 35."

Whitney's mother told 11 News, she believes the sentence is as fair now as it was after the trial.

"Our families will always be serving life terms for both he's taken away from us," she said.

Butler and Lindsey are fighting the motion to reconsider the sentence. A judge will have the final say. 11 News will update this article with any developments.