Convicted felon at large, allegedly targeting elderly for theft

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - An "armed and dangerous" felon is targeting the elderly and others while she remains at large from police, the police department announced Tuesday.

They are warning the public of 30-year-old Latavia Vaughns' burglarizing tactics while asking for help to locate her.

"This is an individual that we are very concerned about getting into our custody," said CSPD Lt. Howard Black.

Vaughns allegedly will approach elderly victims at stores, in parking lots, or even their own homes and makes up an excuse to get inside their car or house. There, police say she'll distract her target while stealing from them.

"This is a woman who has been knocking on doors of residents who are elderly. She talks her way into that house and once she gets into that house, then she is stealing items of value," Black said.

Based on court records, Vaughns has a long list of past robbery charges. She is to be considered armed and dangerous, according to the police department.

"This is a woman whom we have numerous felony warrants on. Some of those include robbery, so that is taking items from individuals by force," Black told 11 News.

A family tells 11 News they were victimized by Vaughns back in November at the Copper Creek Apartments. They say she asked to come inside because her phone was dead and she was locked outside of her sister's apartment.

"I had my husband go out and grab the soda pop. By the time he had done that, she had gotten into my purse, grabbed my wallet, and pushed it to the side. When my husband walked in with the pop, he saw her push the wallet to the side. I start panicking and I open up my wallet and all of our month's rent is gone," the victim told 11 News.

"I think what is so outrageous about this pattern from this individual is how she’s preying on our elderly and talking into their most, you know, intimate part of their lives, their home. She’s getting in and then stealing items once she’s inside," Black said.

If you have information on her whereabouts, call the Colorado Springs Police Department at 444-7000 or Crime Stoppers at 634-STOP.

Vaughns was believed to be driving a white minivan with Colorado license 877-UOB. Police reported they found the van Tuesday afternoon, but there is still no sign of Vaughns.