Colorado ringleader of sex trafficking ring handed longest sentence in U.S. history

Photo: KCNC

ARAPAHOE COUNTY, Colo. (KKTV) - A convicted sex trafficker from Colorado has been sentenced to nearly half a millennium in prison.

Brock Franklin walked into an Arapahoe County courtroom Tuesday calm and collected and sat quietly as a judge read his face.

The defense asked for the minimum sentence of 96 years in prison. Instead, Franklin, 31, was handed 472 years behind bars -- the longest sentence for a sex trafficking case in U.S. history.

Franklin was the ringleader of a sex trafficking ring, in which he reportedly used drugs and violence to maintain control over his female prey, some younger than 18. A victim told sister station KCNC that the women and girls suffered violence and degradation every day.

"Every day the beatings, the name callings, the shavings of one’s head. ... Four hundred, 500 years, it's a very long time. He’s never getting out of prison. It’s closure, but still doesn’t give me what I wanted,” Brehannah Leary said.

Leary addressed the court Tuesday.

"Reading [the statement] today, and speaking and actually saying how I felt, and him hearing and having to sit there and listen to me, that brought me so much joy and that`s why I came today," she said.

Franklin was found guilty on 30 counts last week. Prior to that, four of his co-defendants were also convicted, according to The Denver Post.