Colorado resident claims catch-and-release Utah record for lake trout

Photo courtesy Utah Division of Wildlife Resources.
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(KKTV) - It looked like the type of fish you would pull out of the ocean on a deep sea fishing trip. One reporter in the 11 News newsroom thought the fish looked almost prehistoric.

The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources announced Colorado resident Matt Smiley reeled in a 48-inch lake trout at Flaming Gorge last month. The catch makes him the current catch-and-release state record holder for lake trout for the State of Utah! Smiley told 11 News the fish weighed in at 52.97 pounds.

He also caught a Colorado State record lake trout back in 2003 from Blue Mesa Reservoir. The Colorado record has since been broken.

Smiley says he used a tube jig and Eagle Claw TroKar Jig hook to snag the lake trout in Utah.