Colorado ranked No. 5 state for most romance scams per capita in new report

Published: Jun. 4, 2019 at 9:08 PM MDT
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Imagine falling in love and at the same time falling for a scam. That appears to happen a lot in Colorado according to a new report by

The report used FBI data to research and rank states with the most and fewest "catfish scams per capita" in 2019. Being catfished means someone is using a fake web profile pretending to be someone else online.

According to the report, Colorado is the number 5 state for the most common romance scams per capita. You can read the full report by

Some of the highlights from the report:

- The state where you’re most likely to be catfished is Alaska, and Illinois is where you’re least likely to be catfished.

- California had the most victims in any state, at 2,105 in one year.

- Vermont had the lowest number of victims in any state, with only 25 in one year.

- A total of $323,952,461 was lost to catfish scams in 2018. (Fun fact: that's about the net worth of Robert Downey Jr.)

- The state with the highest average cost per crime was North Carolina, with $47,886 per crime.

- The state with the lowest average cost per crime was South Dakota, with $3,281 per crime.

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