Colorado officer shot in the face receives Purple Heart

Sgt. Pelton received the Purple Heart from the Fort Lupton Police Department. Photo shared by Fort Lupton Police on 2/6/20.
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FORT LUPTON, Colo. (KKTV) - The Colorado community was once again reminded of the Thin Blue Line the night of Dec. 2, 2019.

Fort Lupton Police Sgt. Christopher Pelton was among the officers called to a home after a man who reportedly threatened to harm his ex-girlfriend and then himself. As part of his job, Sgt. Pelton was asked to put his own life on the line for a complete stranger.

In an ambush-style attack, Sgt. Pelton was shot in the face by the suspect and rushed to the hospital. You can read more about what led up to the shooting by clicking here for previous coverage from KKTV.

Sgt. Pelton survived the attack. Overcoming the odds, he was released from the hospital less than a month after he was nearly killed in the line of duty. Click here for more on Sgt. Pelton's amazing recovery, shared by his cousin's wife and 11 News Anchor Katie Pelton.

On Thursday, the Fort Lupton Police Department announced Sgt. Pelton received the Purple Heart. The agency shared a photo of Sgt. Pelton and his fellow officers recognized for their courage and bravery that night.

Also honored were Officer Sagner who received the Medal of Valor, Officer Walker received the Medal of Honor, Officer Gallegos received the Medal of Honor, and Officer Paintin received the Medal of Honor.