Colorado man who was once homeless wins big with scratch ticket

DENVER (KKTV) - Four years ago Diego was struggling. A failed relationship left him homeless and living in his car for nearly a year.

After striking up a friendship on Facebook with a fellow Mitsubishi aficionado, Diego took a chance and moved from Iowa to Colorado. His new friend offered him a job in Denver to help him get back on his feet.

Little did he know that move would change his life.

On Wednesday, the Colorado Lottery announced Diego's luck had turned drastically following years of hard work. Diego won $250,000 in the Second-Chance Drawing for the Scratch game Wonka's Golden Ticket. Diego fell to his knees crying when he found out.

“I keep thinking I don’t deserve this,” Diego said, with tears in his eyes. “I’m going to make a lot of people happy with this money.”

First on his list is his 6-year-old son, who still lives in Iowa. Diego says he plans to spoil his little boy with Christmas gifts.

Diego says he also plans to build a home near Alamosa, where he currently owns a patch of land.

Colorado Lottery says Diego's odds of winning were 1 in 174,000.