Colorado man sentenced to jail time for crash that killed 6-year-old

Published: Nov. 14, 2019 at 7:15 AM MST
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A 20-year-old Colorado man was sentenced to two months in jail after pleading guilty to hitting and killing a small child earlier this year.

Mauricio Lozano Gonzalez was driving through a Breckenridge mobile home park on April 9 when he hit a 6-year-old boy riding a bike. Investigators believe he was only going about 8 mph at the time of the crash, but may have been distracted by an incoming phone call, as well as had his view obstructed by a hat on the dashboard.

Local paper Summit Daily reports Gonzalez stayed on scene and helped drive the child and family members to the hospital. The little boy did not survive.

Gonzalez pleaded guilty Tuesday to careless driving resulting in death.

At the hearing, both mothers spoke of the impact the crash had on their families.

"He’s a young man that just started to live his life. ... He is a very different person compared to the one he was before the accident. Since that moment, we’ve been there for him, and we’ve been praying for both families. We’re all devastated," Gonzalez's mother said.

The little boy's mother asked the court for the maximum allowable sentence. She told the court her family was still struggling with the aftermath of the crash, the Summit Daily reports.

"I feel inside as if I were dying. We may move on, but our hearts sob every moment of every day.”

The paper reports Gonzalez apologized to the family at the hearing and said he thinks about the crash daily.

The prosecution, defense and judge all agreed that due to the lack of excessive speed and other factors, the crash was a tragic accident and a maximum sentence wasn't necessary. Gonzalez was given a yearlong jail sentence, but will only have to serve 60 days unless he violates his probation.