Colorado dad attacked in road rage incident, family needs help raising $157,000

Jonathan Richardson is the victim of a road rage incident in Colorado. He is being treated in Colorado Springs and is pictured here holding his daughter. Police say an "unknown" chemical was poured on him and a woman then backed a vehicle into him. Photo provided by his family.
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ALAMOSA, Colo. (KKTV) - A Colorado dad has a long road to recovery as police investigate a disturbing road rage attack.

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Alamosa Police are reporting 24-year-old Jonathan Richardson was the victim in the alleged attack. On Monday, police say a suspect walked towards Richardson's vehicle and poured an "unknown chemical" onto his windshield and hood. Richardson got out of his car and a suspect then "backed up" striking Richardson with the vehicle and pinning him between his own car.

After hitting Richardson the suspect fled the scene. Richardson was taken to Penrose Hospital via Flight for Life.

His family tells 11 News he is expected to leave the ICU Friday evening. Richardson has a long road to recovery, physically and financially. His family tells us they are hoping to raise $157,000 to help with medical costs and costs his family needs to get by. That doesn't include the medical bills insurance is covering.

11 News confirmed a suspect was arrested in the case. Angela Holmes, 41, is facing charges of vehicular assault, leaving the scene of an accident, failure to report an accident, reckless endangerment, assault and non-injury child abuse. Authorities believe Holmes had a child in her car at the time.

The Chief of Police for Alamosa said a man involved in the incident could face charges to. That man has not been publicly identified, and as of Friday afternoon had not been arrested.

More information from the family on a GoFundMe account. Not all details on the GoFundMe have been independently verified by 11 News:
Jonathan Richardson, 24 years old of Alamosa, CO, was horrifically attacked on Monday afternoon on his way home during his break to have lunch with his wife, Hayley Richardson, and their 19-month old daughter. -On his way he came upon the intersection near Pike Avenue and 2nd St when a green minivan in front of him suddenly stopped. Jonathan had to quickly slam on his brakes and honked his horn at the van to get them moving through the intersection. The vehicle didn't move and a male passenger exited the van, approaching Jonathan's vehicle. The man then began pouring an unknown chemical on the hood of Jonathan's Jeep, prompting Jonathan to exit his vehicle, questioning the man. At this point, the man threw the chemical on Jonathan's hands and arms, which instantly began burning. The hospital confirmed it was a chemical burn, from hydrochloric acid. As Jonathan was trying to wipe the acid from his hands, the man got back in the van, and the female driver put the vehicle in reverse, hitting and pinning Jonathan between the two vehicles.

The injuries sustained to Jonathan were below the waist, suffering two broken legs. The left leg presented with a crush bone injury and a severed artery. The right leg sustained a severe broken knee, with the knee becoming separated from his body. Miraculously, Jonathan mustered the strength to crawl back to his car, and pulled himself in. He then managed to drive himself to the Emergency Room at the Alamosa Hospital to receive treatment. Due to the severity of his injuries, he was flown to Colorado Springs for immediate surgery. It is unknown whether he will ever be able to walk again.

He has a long road ahead, and will need to relocate to Colorado Springs to continue his healing and physical therapy. Estimations are he will need two years of intense therapy to regain his ability to walk. His health insurance has covered a large portion of his healthcare in the hospital, but even then the family is unable to provide the funds for the upcoming bills ahead. As of right now, the bill is at $157,000, with more on the way as he will spend weeks in the hospital, and enter physical therapy soon after.

Any help is appreciated, and we are thankful for your support and donation at this time. All donations will first go to his hospital expenses, and we are hoping to raise enough to get him an apartment to move his wife and child with him.