Colorado Springs scrambles to adjust construction sign after "zombie" prank

Published: Aug. 12, 2019 at 2:25 PM MDT
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A false warning about zombies in Colorado Springs has the city and utilities searching for their contractors to figure out how someone was able to tamper with their signs.

The sign originally stated "Dublin closed ahead," warning drivers about construction and the need to take a different route. Over the weekend it was changed to "Warning, zombies ahead."

The city has said it's taking this very seriously, and are thankful the message was relatively mild and not something vulgar.

They also mentioned there could be another sign out there that had been messed with but are still trying to track that location down.

11 News found the control boxes on the sign were not locked as of 11 Monday morning.

Crews were concerned when our reporter Spencer Wilson told them and rushed off to get those boxes locked.