Colorado Springs police receive fake kidnapping calls in possible scam or hoax

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - It isn't clear what the motive is behind a couple of fake kidnapping calls to police in Colorado Springs this week.

On Wednesday, police put out a message to the public following multiple incidents. In one case, officers were called to a reported kidnapping where a suspect claimed he had the victim's children and wanted money in exchange for them. After investigating, police believe the call was either a hoax or a scam. The family at the home officers were called to was unaware of the false report.

A similar call was taken earlier in the day in a different part of the city. In both cases, the scammer had personal information on the alleged suspects, including vehicle information, family names and a recording of the children's voice.

The suspect called in on a phone that registered as a possible scam on one and unknown on the other.

In the past, the FBI has warned of virtual kidnapping scams. It isn't clear if this was an attempted scam or an elaborate and illegal hoax.