Colorado Springs police body worn cameras by the numbers

Published: Jul. 17, 2018 at 10:17 PM MDT
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Following a demonstration on Tuesday for body worn cameras the Colorado Springs Police Department released the following numbers since the CSPD program started on Sept. 20, 2016:

-69.97 terabytes used

-313,938 videos recorded to date

-37 percent are non-criminal

-10 percent felony arrests

-10 percent misdemeanor arrests

-16 percent traffic tickets (city and county courts combined)

When police spoke with 11 News reporter Catherine Silver on Tuesday, they said it was "basically a 90 degree snapshot of a 360 degree incident." Meaning they don't film everything taking place around them.

"Really they are there to be that neutral third person in the room." Comm. Pat Ridgon with CSPD said in reference to the body cameras. "To give accountability to the police."

Play the video at the top of this article for more on Catherine's experience learning about bod worn cameras from police.