Colorado Springs neighborhood floods again, still no fix in sight.

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) Neighbors were comparing their street to a muddy river. It's usually just called Blueridge Drive on the north side of Colorado Springs.

"This is…catastrophic in my opinion," Neighbor Troy Matos said, referencing the mud-caked road and signs of damage up and down the street.

The blame, according to neighbors, rests with the development company Classic Homes who is building a neighborhood up the street.
Neighbors think when they started building, they changed the way the water flows, and now it pools down at the intersection of Blueridge and Snowflake Drive.

Another neighbor, Michael Smith tells 11 News Classic Homes has come to clean up the mess in their neighborhoods in the past, but won't talk long term fixes.

“We have called them numerous times, numerous neighbors have called them and emailed them, no response,” Smith said.

Smith's daughter's car was pushed down the street a bit before debris got stuck under the wheels. He believes the car is totaled.

11 News has asked for comment from the business the last story we ran but received no response.