Colorado Springs middle school student reportedly took a weapon to school

Photo courtesy MGN.
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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - A message went out to parents and guardians Friday night concerning an incident involving a weapon at Discovery Canyon Campus Middle School.

The message sent out reads as follows:

"This afternoon Discovery Canyon Campus Middle School students heard rumors that a fellow middle school student brought a weapon to campus. They immediately told their teacher, who in turn alerted fellow staff and the school security team. Due to their quick action, the student was apprehended by security and the Colorado Springs Police Department School Resource officer and a weapon was found. There is no danger to our school community, and we are incredibly proud of our students and staff for their swift action to keep our campus safe. As we navigate these challenging times please be well and safe."

11 News reached out to District 20 for any additional comment. Allison Cortez, the Director for Communication, wrote to us saying their students and staff followed the “If you hear/see something, say something,” rule. As such, they were able to keep the school safe and avoid any potential crisis.

The Colorado Springs Police Department is reporting the suspect student was involved in an altercation two days in a row with another group of students. The suspect brought a gun from home with ammunition to the school. The suspect was taken the Spring Creek Youth Services Center and is expected to face charges.

Due to concerns over the coronavirus, DCC will not be holding classes from March 16 to March 27.