Colorado Springs community steps up to help out 'Pallet Man'

Photo on the left is courtesy Brent D. The one on the right is from Jeremy B. A man who is known as "Pallet Man" on social media in Colorado Springs for hauling pallets in a unique way needed a helping hand after his car broke down. Multiple community members stepped up to help out.
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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - An online community in Colorado Springs stepped up to help a neighbor who has been tabbed "Pallet Man."

"Pallet Man," or known by his real name as Dallas, became a local social media sensation in a Facebook group, "719 Can't Drive." The group includes posts of driving incidents across the community. One driver seemed to pop up more than others, a man who stacked multiple wooden pallets on his car. People were posting pictures of him at first because it was such an odd sight, an Acura hauling pallets on its roof and trunk. He became something of an online celebrity; some people stopped just to get a picture with him to post to the Facebook group.

In recent months, Dallas' car broke down. Several members of the Facebook group wanted to do more to learn about Dallas and the reason behind his pallet collecting.

Jeremy Blakely tells 11 News Dallas collected the pallets and recycled them as a source of income. Dallas recently moved to Colorado Springs and found this form of work to be the best for him. It was a way of getting by in a new city.

With his broken down car, Dallas had no form of transportation and no way to continue his work recycling pallets.

Jeremy Blakely and others took action. A GoFundMe was set up asking for help. More than $1,500 of the $2,500 goal was raised. The help didn't stop there. Karl Pfamatter of Phil Long KIA chipped in too.

"DALLAS GOT HIS TRUCK!" Blakely posted to the Facebook group back on Nov. 9.

The rest of his post reads as follows:

"With everyone's help and support we were able to:

Get the parts needed to fix his car
Get him a truck
Get him a trailer
Get new Wheels, tires and a light kit for his trailer

With money left over for him to get it insured and registered!

He is probably the most grateful person I have ever met, and he wanted me to tell everyone he is beyond thankful for everything, and how he can't believe how many people came together for him!

But this would not have been possible if it weren't for Karl Pfamatter of Phil Long KIA.
He is truly a good soul, and probably the most generous and upstanding business owner I have ever met!"

Blakely wanted to thank everyone who helped out to make this happen. He added Dallas is aware of 11 News sharing this story.