Colorado Springs Costco employee finds wedding ring, returns it to the rightful owner

When a man came across a wedding band at work he made sure to get it back to its rightful owner! Photo courtesy Courtney 11/27/19.
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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - When a man came across a valuable ring in Colorado Springs, he wanted to make sure he got it back to the person who likely viewed it as priceless.

Courtney Cass-Prindle says her parents were visiting from out of state when her father noticed his wedding band was no longer on his finger on Wednesday. The same ring he has worn for 43 years. Courtney turned to social media, hoping someone had spotted the unique ring.

"I know it’s a long shot but I thought I’d at least try," Courtney wrote on Facebook. " I’ve seen magical things happen through social media so here it goes."

Just a few hours after the post, Courtney heard from someone the ring may have been found at the Costco near Barnes and Powers. That's when she and her father met Kevin, the stranger and Costco employee who found the ring in an empty box inside a freezer.

"He had no idea about the social media request to keep an eye out," Courtney explained. "Just so thankful he was a decent human being and turned it in. Some people out there may not have."

A complete stranger became a hero to Courtney and her family. Courtney believes her dad lost the ring when reaching for whipped cream for pumpkin pie.