Colorado Springs Cancer Survivor, 6, Wants Cards For Birthday

Published: Mar. 30, 2016 at 8:34 PM MDT
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A 6-year-old Colorado Springs boy has survived brain cancer against all odds. Logan Green has lived a year-and-a-half longer than doctors thought he would.

Also known as "Super Logan," his mom said the battle began in June 2014.

"He had been running around and playing, and suddenly collapsed."

"Initially doctors said it was a tumor on his brainstem and there was absolutely nothing they could do," Crisandra Green said. "He was given a week to live."

A second opinion led to doctors doing a biopsy on his tumor. He ended up having brain surgery--revealing the tumor was actually next to his brainstem, wrapped around his central nerves. Since it wasn't on his brainstem, doctors were able to remove it, leaving him cancer-free.

"The doctors said it was unbelievable seeing a 5-year-old with the determination he had."

But a year later, Logan had a stroke and was diagnosed with Moyamoya — a condition where the blood vessels and the brain narrow, preventing bloodflow to part of his brain.

Logan had his second brain surgery two weeks ago. When he was in the hospital, his kindergarten class made him get well cards.

"He was smiling and happy. We just saw how much he loved the cards," his mom said.

Logan turns 7 on April 5.

His parents thought it would be amazing to ask people to send him birthday cards, letting him know he's inspired others, and also, if they had something inspiring to tell him.

If you'd like to send Logan a card, address them to:

3472 Research Parkway, Suite 104-571

Colorado Springs, Colorado, 80920