Colorado Convention Center being converted to COVID-19 medical facility

Published: Apr. 10, 2020 at 5:59 PM MDT
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State leaders have a plan for the possible influx of patients at our hospitals.

The state is converting the Colorado Convention Center in Denver. It will be a medical center to help our hospitals as they prepare for a surge of patients.

Construction started a couple of days ago, with 300 people working on the site.

Patients who are recovering from coronavirus and are still contagious will be sent here and monitored closely as they recover.

Governor Polis says the goal is to be prepared, but ultimately the hope is to not have to use it.

He says keeping up with social distancing, wearing masks, and only going out when absolutely necessary can all help make sure that the site stays empty.

"This is an example of Colorado leading the way, We will, if we are successful staying at home wearing mask when we are go out, we will reach the day once again when you can come here for a fun comic, a Star Trek convention, a home and garden show or to purchase the goods you need for your store as a retailer," Governor Polis said in a press conference on Friday. "We know we are not at that day right now and this facility lends itself to provide that extra capacity we need to relieve some of our hospitals."

This will not be a walk up center. This is a place for patients who do not need to be in a hospital any longer, but aren't able to go home yet.

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