Cleanup continues as snow is piled up in smaller communities

Published: Mar. 15, 2019 at 6:50 PM MDT
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The snow has stopped falling, but there's still plenty of work ahead for Coloradans.

Cleanup is continuing across the state following Wednesday's blizzard. However, some cleanup is much more challenging in smaller communities to the east. Highway 94 was closed for days while huge drifts of snow blocked drivers from coming in or out of town.

11 News reporter Spencer Wilson made the drive out to Highway 24 and Highway 94 on Friday after the roads were back open. He said it was a battle getting off the highway and onto the side roads.

The wind pushed snow everywhere, making massive piles for miles. Emergency crews were called to smaller communities, but couldn't make it to some of them.

Community members had to step up to help first responders.

"We walked down and we had a path that they could drive through," Edwin Troth explained. "We cut the fence and they were able to get through with their 4-wheelers."

All Troth and his family can do now is watch and wait. Some snow drifts first responders were battling through were 12 feet tall. The storm turned deadly for one man found outside a home in Truckton. A woman was found with him and was suffering from hypothermia. The man has not been publicly identified.

"That's why it's so important to get these people connected to the outside world," Troth said. "Too much snow."

Yoder Road was almost cleared when 11 News Reporter Spencer Wilson left the road at about noon. But there was still a lot of digging being done before these communities can fully recover.

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