Update: City pays out pothole claims

Driver upset city denies pothole claim
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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) An update to an 11 Call For Action investigation: We are finding out whether the city is paying out more claims for pothole damage.

A couple months ago, we told you the city of Colorado Springs has not paid out a single claim in nearly two years.

We checked in again and the city has now paid two claims since our story aired. They paid $337.30 total for those two claims.

One driver is angry because she says she hit a pothole and her claim got denied.

Holly Strack says she was driving southbound on Nevada near Garden of the Gods last month when she hit a pothole.

"It was just 'Bam!' And the passenger side, right passenger side wheel, was just gobbled up by a giant pothole," said Strack.

She said she got a flat tire that cost her $400. Like a lot of you, Strack says she filed a claim with the city.

"It was just cat and mouse trying to get through by phone because it was either busy all the time or telling me the lines were taken up," Strack said.

And also like most of you who have filed a claim, she got denied. The city told her she was the first one to report this particular pothole and cited the Government Immunity Act, saying they have a reasonable amount of time to fix it before they have to pay up.

"I thought this is strange, I don't care if I'm the first or the 1,500th person to call in that pothole -- I had damage and it was a bad, bad pothole," said Strack.

"It's just a dangerous situation, so you either hit the pothole and suffer damage or you hit the other vehicle. So your option is, you know, you're going to have to go through the pothole," Strack added.

We checked and that pothole has since been filled.

The city has gotten 232 claims since January. The city says they have filled more than 25,000 potholes so far this year.

The city says they want you to report potholes when you see them. You can do so using the city's app called GoCoSprings or call 385-ROAD.

We have a map on our website with what you've told us are the worst potholes in the city. Click on the link to view it. If you have a pothole you want us to add, email news@kktv.com.