City officials step up security at City Hall

There are now two metal detectors at the public entrances of the Colorado Springs City Hall building. The city says the change has been in the works for a few months.

There has not been any sort of threat, the city has decided to make this addition because the building is a public place where anyone can come or go.

"It's a public building where a lot of civic engagement and people come for City Hall meetings. So, really it's just a way to be proactive and take a proactive approach to keep the people in the people's house safe and secure while they're here," said Ryan Trujillo who oversees the downtown facilities operations.

City officials say the two new metal detectors cost around $10,000. In order to run the metal detectors, the city had to retrain their existing security guards who work the two entrances. They also hired three additional guards for days when City Council meets. The additional guards will cost another 10 to 15 thousand dollars. Those costs will come out of the Downtown Facilities Budget.

The city said this is nothing for the city to be worried about.