After shut down in Denver, lemonade stand raises nearly $3K in Colorado Springs

Published: Jun. 4, 2018 at 4:11 PM MDT
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UPDATE 6/7/18:

After a charity lemonade stand was shut down in Denver for permit issues, a trio of brothers raised nearly $3,000 in Colorado Springs on Thursday.

The lemonade stand, set up outside and benefiting Compassion International on Interquest, raised about $2,700 on Thursday. Combined with a GoFundMe page, more than $8,000 was raised for the organization that helps children in poverty around the world.


Denver police shut down a charity lemonade stand put on by a group of brothers over a permitting issue, so now the brothers are coming to Colorado Springs.

When Jennifer Knowles helped her sons set up their first lemonade stand over Memorial Day weekend, she thought it would be a lesson in entrepreneurship and charity.

“The boys went online and they decided they wanted to help a child in another country less fortunate, and we found a place in Colorado Springs called Compassion International, and they picked a 5-year-old boy in Indonesia,” she said.

But they got an unexpected lesson too.

“Someone complained about our lemonade stand,” said Knowles.

Turns out, you need a permit to operate a lemonade stand in Denver similar to hot dog, peanut and sunflower seed vendors outside Coors Field.

The city says it’s about health and safety, but in the Knowles’ case, competition may also be in play.

The Knowles set up right next to the Denver Arts Festival, where there was a lemonade vendor.

“We had never thought that the other lemonade vendor could feel threatened by our little kid lemonade stand,” she said. “I can understand why someone would get upset.”

The family sold lemonade 2 for $1 while, she says, the vendor sold it for $7 a glass.

The boys were raising money for Compassion International, an organization that raises money for children in poverty around the world.

On June 7, the boys are opening a new lemonade stand in Colorado Springs at Compassion International Headquarters. They will be at 12290 Voyager Parkway from noon - 2 p.m. The boys will be asking 75 cents per cup or two cups for $1. Extra donations are welcome.