Cat shot in the head; owner looking for answers

Published: Feb. 16, 2018 at 8:54 PM MST
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For all intents and purposes, Jack the cat shouldn't be alive right now.

“Yeah, I think he used all nine lives on that one," Owner Lindsay Shaffer jokes. “When he was shot, it took a little chip out of his skull, left a little indent there, but it didn’t penetrate or fracture the skull, he [the veternarian] said it was basically a miracle.”

That's how Shaffer found Jack on Feb. 6 outside her house on Dove Place in Stratmoor Hills. At first, she just thought Jack had gotten into a catfight and the hole was just a bite mark. After three days went by and it wasn't healing, she took him in.

“In this area, certainly it’s the first time I’ve seen that,” Dr. Dan Muelhaupt told 11 News, referencing the bullet hole in Jack's head.

Muelhaupt went into the surgery thinking there was a tumor but ended up pulling out a bullet.

“I do not think this is a pellet. It was much larger gauge than a traditional pellet gun pellet," Muelhaupt explained. "It also had areas where it looked like it would crimp into shell casings. One of the other employees here did bring in a few shells of a .22 and it did match the diameter of it."

That leaves the question, who shot Jack, and what kind of person shoots a cat if it was on purpose?

"I just hope that someone is caught for this and it doesn’t happen again or something worse happens," Shaffer said. "That’s why I really want to let everyone know what’s going on because I don’t want to see an animal or child or human being - something happen to them.”

The El Paso County Sheriff's Office has an open investigation. If anyone has any information, call the sheriff's office at 719-520-7100.