Case against man accused of shooting police officer set for trial

Left: Officer Cem Duzel Right: Suspect Karrar Noaman Al Khammasi Photos courtesy CSPD/EPSO

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) On Wednesday, prosecutors presented some of their case against Kararr Al Khammasi.

Al Khammasi is facing several charges including attempted murder in the shooting that left a Colorado Springs Police Officer in critical condition.

Officer Cem Duzel was shot in the head on August 2 near downtown Colorado Springs.

In court, officers and detectives who were on scene or spoke to witnesses testified.

A witness reportedly told detectives that after Al Khammasi got kicked out of an Uber, she followed him in her car. She said Al Khammasi walked for several blocks and she heard continuous gun shots.

That's when she called 911 and that's when Officer Duzel responded to the area.

Surveillance video from the Uber driver's dashboard camera was shown in court. The video shows her following police cruisers who were responding to the scene when suddenly gunshots can be heard.

A CSPD officer who responded to the scene shortly after the shooting testified in court. He said while other officers were giving Duzel medical attention, he treated what he described as a gunshot wound on Al Khammasi's back. The officer rode in the ambulance with the suspect to the hospital. He said as Al Khammasi became more conscious, he became more combative. At one point Al Khammasi allegedly made anti-police statements to him, along the lines of "F*** the police."

That sentiment was echoed by the testimony of an El Paso County detective who spoke about an interview he did with a deputy who was guarding Al Khammasi at the hospital. The suspect reportedly told that deputy, "I shoot p**** b**** cops like you. I'm going to get out, I got a good lawyer. When I get out and find you I'm going to kill you and your p**** b**** cops."

Al Khammasi appeared in court, strapped to a wheel chair and wearing a smock given to inmates who may be at risk of harming themselves.

He had no noticeable reaction to anything discussed or shown in court, including shots of evidence and the pools of blood he and Officer Duzel were found in.

Investigators say they found several live 40 caliber cartridges when they searched Al Khammasi. They also discovered a gun that uses that type of ammunition near his body. Similar spent casings were found at various locations on the route that the witness claims the suspect was walking earlier that night.

A homicide detective testified that the gun near the suspect was found in a position with the hammer pulled back. The detective explained that could happen if the gun jammed or if it was being reloaded.

After nearly three hours of testimony, a judge decided there is enough evidence to take the case to trial.

Al Khammasi's attorney's asked for an arraignment to be scheduled. That could leave open the possibility of a plea or plea deal.

He will be back in court in November.

Just a few weeks ago Officer Duzel was moved to a Denver hospital to continue his recovery.