Care and Share Food Bank donations damaged in severe storm

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - A severe thunderstorm Friday destroyed food donations stored at a Colorado Springs non-profit.

Care and Share says water leaked into the building during the storm, damaging a sizable portion of their food stockpile.

"The roof allowed the water to just go through and come off the sides and really just hang out on the edges of the facility. Unfortunately, that's where we keep food and that's where we keep our equipment," said Chief Operating Officer Shannon Brice. "... Hard to put into words exactly because you're inside, and you don't expect to literally see it raining inside. Every time I turned my head, I saw streams of water coming from the roof."

The results were devastating.

"Has affected food, has affected some of our equipment, and certainly has put us in a place of a little bit of panic."

The timing -- smack dab in the middle of a global pandemic -- couldn't have been worse.

"The most significant amount of food loss that we're expecting to see is through emergency bags we've built in response to the coronavirus. Because we've had to mobilize to a grab and go style in our mobile market, we've pre-built bags that neighbors are expected to see, and literally the water was running through the totes that are holding those bags ... we fully expect to lose all of that food," Brice said.

Care and Share will be closed to the public this week so employees can assess the damage and determine how much they lost in terms of food and supplies.

Once back open, the non-profit that helps so many people in Colorado Springs is turning to the community for help rebuilding what they've lost.

"The extent of what we're going to need in the future is unknown, but I know that we'll need financial support. We're going to need volunteers to help us get through this food and help us understand the full damage," Brice said.

Care and Share says this is only a setback -- it won't stop them from continuing to help.