Car theft victim chases suspect, pins him down

Published: Feb. 11, 2020 at 9:06 AM MST
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A car theft victim took matters into his own hands after he saw his vehicle on the road seven days after the crime.

The victim saw his car pull out of the Candlewood Apartments Monday afternoon and chased it nearly half a mile to Van Teylingen and American, where he blocked the suspect from leaving. He stormed over to the driver's side, pulled the suspect out of the car, and held him on the ground. Police say the suspect kept grasping for a gun stuffed between the seat and center console but couldn't reach it.

A passenger in the stolen car ran away during the commotion.

Officers were called to the scene on reports of a crash in which one driver assaulted the other and didn't know what the actual situation was until they got there. The suspect was taken into custody after being treated for minor injuries sustained in the scuffle and faces charges of aggravated motor vehicle theft and possession of weapons by a previous offender, along with charges tied to several unrelated warrants. Police believe the suspect may also be linked to a separate car theft case.

Police say crime victims should never try to take action themselves and instead always call law enforcement.

"The victim was fortunate that the suspect was unable to use the gun against him," CSPD Lt. Miyakusu noted in the blotter entry.