Cameras installed to stop major problem in Pueblo: illegal trash dumping

Published: Jun. 3, 2020 at 2:53 PM MDT
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Cameras are now up and running to hopefully catch people who illegally dump trash in the environment.

A dozen motion-activated cameras were installed around Pueblo County to capture images and videos of people who continue to illegally dump trash. County leaders are hoping to catch and prosecute offenders.

"I've been going through locations, looking for trash, identifying information to either fine or persuade those who have illegally dumped to clean up their messes, and I've also done work with the community to try and identify sites that need cleanups or surveillance," said Environmental Health Specialist Ryan Tessman.

Pueblo County Commissioner Garrison Ortiz started the Trash Task Force over a year ago to address the dumping problem. The group has been actively working to educate the community about how and where to properly dump trash.

The 12 cameras went up Tuesday, 6 in the county and 6 in the city.

Resources to legally dump trash from Pueblo County:

-Discount dump day at the landfill in Pueblo

-Mattress and tire recycling collection events sponsored by the Pueblo health department

-App called Recycle Coach, which tells people exactly where they can take hard-to-dump items

-C&C Transfer Station accepts mattresses and couches for $20 per item. E-waste, appliances without freon, and other items are also accepted. Located at 1405 Quartz St. in Pueblo or call 719-924-2884

-To report ongoing dumping, call 719-583-4323 or email