Call for Action Alert: Victims lose money buying cars online

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) -- Within an hour, we got two calls into our newsroom about a new scam. Both victims turned to the Internet to buy a new car and lost thousands of dollars.

Man loses thousands of dollars to scam while buying a car online.

"Some things are too good to be true," said Phillip who didn't want to use his full name or show his face on camera.

"I came across a 2008 BMW and they were asking $2,500 on Craigslist," said Phillip. He said the same car was also advertised on eBay.

The crooks asked him to pay for the car using gift cards, eBay gift cards to be exact.

"I put $200 on each card so it came up to a total of 10 cards," he said.
Katie Pelton: "So you read the card over the phone?"
Phillip: "I read the card over the phone and the ID numbers and pin numbers, which is on the back of each card."

Then the scammers asked him for even more money than the car's purchase price. That's when he knew it was a fraud.

Katie: "How much did you lose?"
Phillip: "It was $2,000 for the vehicle."

He reached out to our 11 Call for Action team on Wednesday. Within the same hour, we heard from another victim who lost one thousand dollars to this same scam.

eBay lists several scam warning signs, like if the vehicle is advertised well below what it's worth. You can check on a reputable website like Kelly Blue Book to find the going rate for that same vehicle. Remember, no legitimate company will take gift cards as a payment. Click here to learn more from eBay.