Call for Action Alert: 4 Chinese military members charged with Equifax data breach

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(KKTV) -- Charges have been filed in connection to the giant Equifax data breach that exposed personal information of millions of Americans. The justice department has indicted four members of the Chinese military.

The 2017 data breach affected more than 145 million people. Hackers stole names, social security numbers and other personal information from the company's database.

Investigators say the hackers were able to obtain login credentials and get into the company's network. The accused hackers are based in China and no one is in custody. However, U.S. officials see this as a warning to other hackers that our law enforcement is able to track down the culprits to such a massive attack.

Equifax reached a $700 million settlement over the data breach. The deadline to file a claim if you were impacted by the data breach, has passed. However, there is an extended claims period, meaning if something happens to you from here on out because of that data breach, you can still file a claim. Click here for more information about the settlement.

The criminal charges were filed in federal court in Atlanta, where the company is based. It's unlikely the suspects will ever come to the U.S. for trial.

Click here for more information about the charges that were filed.