Call for Action: Know the rules before shopping deals

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - A local woman thought she found a great deal on the coupon purchasing site, Groupon, for a massage. She was later disappointed when she tried to book an appointment.

Betty Sexton met up with the woman to see what went wrong.

For Robin Karasopoulos, massages aren't only relaxing, but necessary to remove tension in her back. That's why she was excited. Getting a deal for a 60-minute massage for $25.

Robin says she knew she only had four months to use the Groupon before it expired. She never realized she would have a hard time scheduling an appointment. She says she tried getting into the spa located off of 21st Street in Colorado Springs in late January and February, but was told they were already book through May. Her first thought was to call and ask for a refund.

"I said, 'I'd like to get my money back on this because they can't accommodate me in a reasonable amount of time,' and Groupon said, 'We don't do that' … If you don't call within three days of purchase, you can't get your money back," Robin explained.

Robin says she's new to Groupon and didn't realize the rules. The website says refunds are allowed, but only up to three days from when the Groupon was purchased. Since Robin was well past the date, Groupon offered her a credit, but it had to be used within 24 hours, which Robin says didn't work for her.

"This is our policy … This is all we'll give you is 24 hours, so I was really shocked at that," said Robin.

Betty Sexton called the business, Beautiful Touch Spa, and the receptionist, Sierra said she could speak for the owner. The owner was dealing with a double-workload since another massage therapist quit unexpectedly.

Sierra said the spa was no longer advertising on Groupon because it now had more business than it could handle, but Beautiful Touch was happy with the amount of traffic it generated.

Betty was told the owner goes out of her way to work in customers and has decided to start taking appointments on Sundays to try and accommodate everyone. It turns out that works for Robin who has now scheduled a Sunday massage.

Before buying any kind of coupon, especially one that's a service, check with the business first and see how easy it will be to use. You can then judge if the offer works for you.