California family evacuates to southern Colorado

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - Thousands of families are being forced to evacuate because of the several wildfires burning in California.

One of those families is the Weissmann's. They are staying at their second home in Colorado Springs until it is safe to go back.

"My husband works here several days out of the week and travels back and forth and whenever we can, the kids and I come out and stay here with him so we've grown to love Colorado Springs and feel like it is our second home," said Bernadette Weissmann.

They arrived in southern Colorado early Wednesday morning after waking up to thick smoke the night before.

"I walked out my front door at 1:30 a.m and I turned to look East and the entire hillside was on fire and it was coming down. That moment of terror was like: Get the stuff and go," she said.

Weissmann told 11 News that these wildfires are like nothing she's seen before.

"Normally if there's a fire, there's a big fire and you know which direction it's coming from. But we're in a valley that runs north/south and there was a fire to the north of us, a fire to the east of us, and the fire had spread to the south of us," she said.

Her family had a 'go bag' ready with all their important documents and they hit the road.

The school that Weissmann works at has been turned into an evacuation center. She told 11 News she is so grateful to all the first responders and volunteers that are helping keep people safe. She said she hopes when the fires are out and it's time to rebuild, that people are still willing to help.

"I know we have Houston and Florida and Puerto Rico and the nation itself is stretched incredibly thin," Weissmann said, "The support has been absolutely incredible we're going to still need to see that going forward even though we have all of these other things going on."