CSU Pueblo cuts jobs and is down $3 million in revenue this year

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PUEBLO, Colo. (KKTV) - Financial struggles for CSU-Pueblo are costing the institution jobs.

Officials at the university are reporting CSU-Pueblo is down $3 million in revenue this year and cuts are being made. The school president says the mass communication program is taking the biggest hit.

A total of 24 jobs are being impacted. Sixteen positions are being "impacted or restructured" though voluntary retirement. Eight positions are being "impacted or restructured" through a non-voluntary reduction in personnel.

The following letter was sent to campus employees from CSU-Pueblo President Tim Mottet on Thursday:

Campus Colleagues:
As you know, we are facing a $3 million deficit for FY 2020. Our goal is to align expenses with revenues in a tough enrollment environment that allows us to be sustainable. Being sustainable means generating enough revenues to continue building the student experience while taking care of our employees.

Over the past several months, the vice presidents, provost and I have been working with department heads in different divisions, deans and the leadership of athletics in order to identify ways to bring our expenses in line with our revenues through a combination of university and division-level cost reductions. I met with each of the vice presidents and the provost to review their proposed reductions. These proposals were also reviewed and discussed with members of the President’s Budget Advisory Council. As part of our discussions, we talked about ways to minimize the impact of these difficult decisions on people.

To reduce personnel costs, which account for approximately 60 percent of the university’s expenditures, we looked at non-replacements of vacant positions in areas needing strategic balancing, considered proposals for voluntary reductions in personnel and operational costs, such as revisiting existing contracts, services and supplies, as well as reinvesting in personnel in areas that were under-resourced or growing.

It was only after exploring all of these options that a strategic reduction in personnel was considered in areas where there was duplication of functions and/or staff. We also carefully reviewed academic programs with on-going, multiyear declines in enrollment resulting in an imbalance of resources and revenues. Our goal is to be strategic in every decision.

As a result of this process, we are reducing expenses by $2.6 million, which includes departmental and operational expenses and capitalizing on faculty buy-outs from external grants. The President’s Budget Advisory Council will be looking into ways to balance the remaining portion of the deficit.

Sixteen positions are being impacted or restructured through voluntary retirement, separation incentives and non-replacement of vacant positions from the following areas:
President’s Office

Eight positions are being impacted or restructured through a non voluntary reduction in personnel from the following areas:

Center for International Programs
Mass Communications

We are doing all we can to communicate with these impacted colleagues and supporting them through job placement and other assistance where appropriate. All of those separating from CSUPueblo deserve our gratitude and support for the time and commitment they have made to the university.

I realize many of you have been through these types of reductions in the past. Please know that I am committed to keeping you informed of our plans and next steps as we move forward to reduce the uncertainty and speculation that can occur.

This is a challenging time for everyone. I am confident that with these short and long-term changes, CSU-Pueblo will continue to evolve into a university that meets the needs of its students, employees, and community.