CSPD: Nearly 900 receive warning citations during red light camera grace period

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - It took just 30 days for Colorado Springs drivers to rack up nearly 900 red light violations.

The Colorado Springs Police Department has released the data for the 30-day warning period that ran from April 9-May 8. The numbers aren't pretty:

• 1,128 possible violations were sent to CSPD
• CSPD sent 898 warning violations
• 839 of the 898 warning violations were captured at the Platte and Chelton intersection
• 59 out of the 898 warning violations were captured at the Lexington and Briargate intersection

The grace period was to give drivers a chance to learn about and grow accustomed to the new red light cameras installed at a handful of intersections in the city. Those cited at that time did not have to pay a fee.

As of May 9, violators have had to fork over $75.

Police told 11 News in May that the cameras are designed to catch drivers who simply don't stop at the red light. It won't flag you if you stop a little too far into the intersection or if you turn right on red after a complete stop.

Cases will be reviewed before tickets are mailed out. As seen in the data above, 230 people flagged as possible violators ultimately did not receive a warning.

Currently, the cameras are up at the intersection of East Platte Avenue and Chelton Road, and the intersection of Briargate Boulevard and Lexington Boulevard.

Two more will be installed later this year at Academy Boulevard and North Carefree Circle and Academy Boulevard and Dublin Boulevard.