CFA Investigation: Man tracks down suspects linked to several stolen credit cards

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - A burgeoning crime spree came to a screeching halt thanks to one man's efforts to get his wife's stolen purse back.

According to court papers obtained by 11 News, police say they found more than just the purse when they arrested suspects Breanna Barnett and Aaron Dungy.

"I'm just so glad that they were able to track them down," said Becky Brittain, whose cards were among those the affidavit says were found.

"I was really surprised," said Paula Sholdt, another alleged victim whose cards were found.

In total, the affidavit states credit cards and IDs of six different victims were found in the suspects' car.

Their stories are similar. Brittain said she was hiking at Palmer Park last month when her window was smashed.

“We were out hiking and when we got back to the car, I noticed that my window was broke and I was just like, 'Oh my gosh,'" Brittain told 11 News reporter Katie Pelton.

"There was glass everywhere so I looked in my window, and sure enough, my purse was gone from underneath the seat," she added.

Sholdt said her car was broken into at a Gold's Gym earlier this month.

“I was at the gym," Sholdt recalled. "I just came out to my car and when I got inside, I could tell something just wasn’t right. I saw that the window was broke out and immediately realized my purse was gone."

It was the same story for Mike and his wife. They were hiking at Palmer Park on Saturday and returned to their car window smashed out. Mike, who didn't want to use his last name, called 911.

"The officers said, 'Look, you don't know who it is, we don't know who it is. There's no suspects, just go home,'" Mike said. "And that wasn't enough for me."

"You've got to understand that they're very busy. So in a situation like mine, I unfortunately couldn't wait for them to act. I had to act on my own if I was going to protect my wife and her security," Mike said.

Mike told Pelton they cancelled all of their credit cards, except for one.

"If they buy on my card, I can trace it," he said.

He said he got an alert for a purchase at a liquor store, so he went there.

"I got to take pictures of the surveillance and get a woman's photograph," said Mike.

Then he said he got another alert at the Citadel Mall.

"I go straight to the Buckle and I show a picture to a lady who's behind the desk, and I say, 'Have you seen this person?' And they said, 'Yes, she was here,'" Mike told Pelton. "The girl there said, 'Text me pictures.' She texts them to the whole security team at Citadel Mall."

The security guards spotted the suspects and they were arrested.

“Me and my wife, we’re not just going to sit around and be the victim," Mike added.

We checked, and the woman who was arrested has been accused before for breaking into vehicles at parks and using stolen cards.

"The police said, 'We've been really understaffed lately; why don't you go down and apply at the police academy?'" Mike told Pelton. "I don't know if they were joking or not."