CDOT and State Patrol look cracking down on unsafe driving in The Gap

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DOUGLAS COUNTY, Colo (KKTV) -- Its probably everyone's least favorite commute: driving the dreaded I-25 on the way to Denver.

But a few changes will cause drivers to think twice about speeding through The Gap.

Colorado State Patrol and C-DOT are cracking down on speeding and unsafe driving in that stretch.

They're increasing patrols, by air and lowering the speed limit.

"You need time to react, and that safe following distance give you that time," Major Tim Keeton of Colorado State Patrol said.

Starting Thursday, that speed limit will be reduced from 60 to 55 mph during driving peak times, like rush hour. Both the increased patrol and decreased speed limits are to keep everyone safe: constriction workers, first-responders, and drivers. But drivers are split if this is needed.

"People are just flying because they know they are not being monitored," Kathy Schwartz said. "Its really scary. I just saw a huge accident I was just one car away from."

Others disagreed.

"I think it will just increase the traffic because people will be scared to speed. It will increase the traffic and increase our problem from Denver to here," Brianna Cooke said.

Regardless of opinions, this is happening whether you like it or not.

One driver has one more tip for safe driving:

"Please wear a does save lives," Travis Brown added.

Construction that goes from Douglas County to El Paso county on I-25 is expected to be done in 2022.