Update on timeline to widen I-25 from Monument to Castle Rock

Published: Apr. 27, 2017 at 10:52 PM MDT
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We have an update on the project that will expand I-25 between Monument and Castle Rock.

CDOT told 11 News that construction could begin in late 2019 and finish about two and half years after that.

“If we can determine the funding source by the end of this year, we could begin construction about late 2019 and then finish in about two and half a years in construction," said Carrie Dejiacomo, CDOT south program engineer.

CDOT held a public meeting Thursday night at the Pikes Peak Library 21C near Chapel Hills in Colorado Springs.

"Tonight we’re really here to show what we have heard from the residents already and we’ve defined what our purpose and need is for the project and we’ve identified some alternatives that we’re interested in the public weighing in on," Dejiacomo said.

Some of the alternative elements include adding an express lane, which could be an HOV lane. Other ideas include expanded or improved Bustang service, a new rail service, and improved frontage roads.

Drivers told 11 News they want that stretch of roadway fixed right away.

"I wanted to be able to get to work every day and not be in fear of whether I was going to arrive or not, not just be late, but arrive," said Ann Howe.

Howe started a group called 'Fix I-25 Now,' which even has its own Facebook page.

Howe wants to encourage CDOT to speed up plans to widen I-25 between Monument and Castle Rock, also known as 'the Gap.'

She said several city leaders signed her poster, including Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers.

"I started it in early November just because of the squirrelly behavior I saw on the road and then a week later Trooper Donahue was killed. So I figured I can't sit by and let this go, we have to do something," said Howe.

Other drivers agree that it's urgent.

"Get something going soon, if not yesterday," said Charles Conser. "I drive that corridor and I get frustrated."

CDOT said they will do another study this fall to look specifically at the stretch from Monument to Castle Rock. CDOT said they need to determine where the funding comes from by the end of the year to widen that stretch of roadway.

If you missed the meeting,

to see the information CDOT went over.

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